Apple wins Emmy Engineering Award

Apple won another significant prestige with the Emmy Engineering Award. ProRes video technology brought this award to Apple.

Apple arrives with Emmy Engineering Award ProRes
Emmy, better known for its awards for the TV industry, also awards for the engineering category every year. Held 72. At the Emmy Awards, the engineering category featured the Apple signature this time.

Apple managed to win an Emmy Engineering Award with its ProRes video codec component. In fact, Apple ProRes, released in 2007, had become a ubiquitous component in the film and TV industry. ProRes also offers an innovative algorithm, while maintaining the quality of videos at a high level. ProRes, with its fast encoding and ultra-fast decoding capability, provides significant convenience in end-to-end content creation.

The Apple codec component supports all frame sizes with full resolution, including SD, HD, 2K, 4K, and 5K. Thanks to this feature, we can say that the TV industry also has a user audience from all areas.

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