Chinese white-hat hackers hack Windows 10, iOS 14 and Android

Competing for a share of the $ 1.21 million prize pool at the Tianfu Cup, the white-hat hackers managed to hack by finding vulnerabilities in popular software such as Windows 10, iOS 14, Android.
The Tianfu Cup, considered China’s largest and most prestigious hackathon event, took place last weekend in Chengdu, China. Among the software hacked by white hat hackers attending the event are popular software such as Windows 10, iOS 14, Ubuntu, Adobe PDF Reader, Chrome.

The total prize pool at the hackathon event in question was $ 1.21 million, and Chinese cyber security giant Qihoo 360 won the event with $ 744.5 thousand. AntFinancial Lightyear Security Lab and Pang finished second and third respectively.

Teams competing in the hackathon were entitled to three five-minute attempts to hack by finding an original deficit. Contestants received different cash prizes based on their chosen destination and the type of vulnerability they exploited.

Since the purpose of the competition is not to find and exploit vulnerabilities in the software, all vulnerabilities that have been identified have also been reported to the software manufacturers. All the exploits uncovered will be fixed with updates to be released in the coming weeks.

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