Dispute continues between Facebook and EU officials

Facebook’s service policy continues to be questioned due to privacy concerns. The dispute between Facebook and EU officials continues.

Facebook continues talks with EU officials
Many countries want their citizens ‘ data to remain in the country. In fact, this was why there was tension between TikTok and the United States, and eventually what the US administration said.

A similar situation is happening this time between Facebook and EU officials. The European Union’s privacy regulator has called for the sending of its users ‘ data to the US in the EU to now be suspended. It was asked to keep this user data in Europe and impose restrictions on data sharing. In this increasingly complex process, the dispute between Facebook and the EU is still ongoing.

Yvonne Cunnane, who serves as Facebook’s head of data protection in Ireland, says it is not clear how Facebook and Instagram can continue to provide services in the EU in these circumstances. Instagram and Facebook, which have a total of 410 million users in the EU, may be in a very difficult situation with the new regulation. It is already curious what strategy Facebook will follow, possibly introducing the need to build data centers in Europe and completely restricting data sharing.

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