Google: we found significant vulnerabilities in Android, Chrome, Windows and iOS

Google announced that the Project Zero team investigating vulnerabilities in any software identified 7 significant vulnerabilities in Android, Chrome, Windows and iOS. The companies were said to have been actively exploited by hackers until the vulnerabilities were detected, although they quickly fixed the vulnerabilities.
Google Project Zero, One of the world’s largest technology companies, has announced that they have found critical vulnerabilities in popular software with hundreds of millions of users, such as Chrome, Android, Windows and iOS.

As you can imagine, Google immediately notified its developers of the detected vulnerabilities, and these vulnerabilities were quickly fixed. But according to Google’s statements, hackers actively took advantage of these vulnerabilities until they were detected and fixed.

Google did not share many details about the vulnerabilities in question, but for one of the vulnerabilities found, Apple even released updates to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s, which work with iOS 12. The release of security updates to such old devices is an indication that these vulnerabilities are serious, but we cannot provide information on this issue because details are not shared.

Apple did not respond to questions about the vulnerabilities in question. Microsoft said it released a security update in November for the CVE-2020-17087 vulnerability. According to the information shared about the security breaches in question, all the vulnerabilities were linked to each other, and it took the Google Project Zero team 10 days to find all the vulnerabilities.

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