Hackers Donated Stolen Bitcoins To Charities

Hackers donated $ 10k worth of Bitcoin they seized after an attack to charity. Experts said the motivation behind the donation was unclear.
When hackers are called, they first come to mind people who steal and sell the information of companies, institutions, or people with various malware and attacks, or use it for ransom. But the hackers who are the subject of this news and their actions are a little different from the others.

The hackers, posing as a kind of modern Robin Hood, donated 0.88 Bitcoin, that is, 10 thousand dollars, to two different non-profit charities after an attack they carried out.

He donated 0.88 Bitcoin worth $ 10k that the hackers seized to two non-profit charities called The Water Project and Children International. In fact, as can be seen from their names, Children International has goals such as helping poor children and supporting their education. The Water Project is an organization that aims to bring clean water to people who do not have access to water in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Although hackers made such a donation, Children International said they would not accept the donation. A spokesman for coinkolik said: “We have no intention of accepting it if the donation is linked to a Hacker. Hackers probably knew that charities would not approve of this ‘donation’ move,” he said.

For hackers, who in a blog post expressed satisfaction that they had helped change someone’s life, the experts ‘ interpretation is slightly different. The hackers ‘ intentions are unclear and unusual. It is also said that this donation may have been made to help alleviate their guilt. So, what do you think of this movement of hackers? You can share your ideas with us in the comments section.

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