Microsoft Edge moves to Linux system

Microsoft is pursuing a user-friendly strategy with new features for its web browser Edge. It became available with the Microsoft Edge Linux operating system.

Microsoft Edge moves to Linux system
Innovations continue to be made for Edge, Microsoft’s popular Internet Browser. Microsoft, which has long sought to migrate its Chromium-based web browser to the Linux operating system, has finally taken concrete steps.

In an official statement, Microsoft announced that Edge will be available on Linux in October. When released with the new operating system, Microsoft Edge will be experienced with preview on the Edge Insider site or in the Linux built-in Package Manager.

Microsoft’s focus on web developers is also a big part behind this move. Because a very large proportion of developers use Linux, The Edge browser will be switched to Linux. Along with this functional transition, Microsoft also aims to capture a significant audience of users.

The transition is aimed at making more users switch to The Edge browser. In addition, the integration of Internet Explorer in Edge also makes it easier for it users to work.

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