Microsoft releases first stable version of .NET 5.0

Microsoft has announced the release of “.NET 5.0”, the latest version of its software development platform .NET, for all developers . Recently introduced to some developers for testing purposes, the platform offers better performance compared to the previous version. In addition, the company has made several improvements in many areas.
US-based technology giant Microsoft has released the latest version of its application development platform .NET to all users . The platform, which has been offered to some developers for testing purposes in recent months, is now available to all application developers. With .NET 5.0, users will be able to develop iOS, Android, Linux, macOS, watchOS, tvOS and WebAssembly applications, especially for Windows.

Microsoft offers many innovations to programmers with its revamped application development platform. In addition, developers will be able to benefit from overall performance improvements with the new .NET platform . This will provide a better experience for developers. So, what innovations have been introduced with .NET 5.0?

The overall performance of the platform is improved while the integration of components is improved.
High-level programming enhancements were offered for languages such as C# 9 and F#5.
Support for .NET libraries, JSONs, and HTTP extensions has been expanded . “nullability” values have been rendered annotated by users.
P95 delays reduced.
Application deployment options are better. This made app publishing more controllable.
Support for Windows Arm64 has also begun to be provided.

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