Microsoft Reveals New Ransomware Affecting Android Devices

Microsoft has mentioned a new type of virus affecting Android devices in a new report it has released. This virus prevents users from accessing their phones instead of tracking or sharing user data.
Today, technology continues to develop and advance quite rapidly. Of course, as technology advances, risks also develop depending on it. As we have told you many times, many people around the world fall victim to cybercrime or fall into the hands of cyber fraudsters.

According to a new report released by Microsoft, there is a new type of virus affecting Android devices. This virus activates when the user presses the ‘home’ button. This type, a type of ransomware (ransomware), works behind incoming calls and records conversations. It can even lock the screen and make it unusable for users.

AndoridOS / MalLocker.The virus, called B, is hidden on websites that come out of nowhere and ask the user to download it. Even websites with third-party sites and cookies can also host the virus. MalLockerThe B virus does not track or share users ‘ data. What it does is block the user from accessing their phone.

When an application containing this virus is downloaded, a message appears on the screen in the form of a ransom note from the police or law enforcement. In the message, phrases such as your name has been involved in a crime, you need to pay to get back to your phone are used, which are also frequently used in our country.

Such scams are quite common not only in Turkey, but also around the world in recent years, and MalLocker.B also comes across as one of the popular ransomware used for this. In addition, different techniques are used in such software as time goes on.

The first thing that happens when the virus infects the phone is to block call notifications. In this way, there is no information about the identity of the person who made the call. The entire area where the caller’s information can be seen is MalLocker.Closing with a B.

The second thing that happens is that the’ onUserLeaveHint ‘ function is disabled. This feature allows applications to run in the background. This feature also triggers when a user pushes an application into the background and wants to use another application. When the feature is triggered, the user receives a ransom note and cannot log out of the application.

Although the two functions have not been seen by users so far, they have encountered ransom notes. In order to avoid such scams, it is recommended not to download apps from third-party websites and stores.

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