MSCHF pays TikTok attackers

Mschf, which follows an Anti-advertising strategy, pays TikTok attackers. MSCHF created nine new TikTok sounds for this.

Mschf in attempt to TikTok
Today, the advertising sector is among the sectors where digitalization is most intense. However, creative advertising agencies and popular platforms are involved in the struggle.

A US-based creative advertising agency called MSCHF has begun making moves against TikTok. The group, which launched a campaign called the Anti-Advertising Club, released nine new TikTok sounds. If users shoot a TikTok video using these sounds and that video reaches a certain number of views, MSCHF will pay users a certain amount. Of course, users will also need to provide evidence for this payment.

In particular, mschf, which has expressed discomfort with the rise of the selling Culture, describes sponsored posts as the ever-ubiquitous evil of social media. The wage policy established by mschf is as follows:;

♦ $ 100 to shoot video targeting Amazon for blocking human rights and trade union activities,

♦ $ 1,000 for videos targeting Tesla for hindering trade union activity and neglecting employee health,

♦ $ 4,000 will be paid for videos that target Facebook because of hate speech.

It is already curious how this mschf campaign will be demanded by the TikTok phenomena.

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