OAIC conducted data privacy survey

In Australia, the OAIC conducted a new survey study for data privacy. According to the survey results, Australians care about data privacy but don’t know how to follow it.

OAIC data privacy survey results
A privacy survey conducted by the OAIC examined the importance Australians place on data privacy and how they take the lead in this regard. In total, 97 per cent of respondents to the survey of 2866 adults say data privacy is the number one issue for them when choosing a digital service.

59 per cent of survey participants said they had experienced privacy issues in the previous 12 months. The biggest privacy concern is theft and fraud with 76 percent. Data security and data breaches rank second with 6 percent.

The report shows there is a strong understanding of why individuals should protect their personal information. But 49 percent of respondents said they did not know how to protect themselves due to a lack of information. 62 percent of respondents said they were particularly uncomfortable with businesses tracking their locations via mobile or web browsers.

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