Tension between Apple and Telegram

The rules, enforced by the App Store, have often caused controversy in recent days. This time there was a problem between Apple and Telegram.

Telegram tensions with Apple
Apple has been frequently on the agenda in recent days with the rules it enforces on the App Store. App developers, in particular, are experiencing tension with Apple over this issue.

Finally, there was a problem between Telegram and Apple. As presidential elections approached in Belarus, Apple made a request from Telegram. Apple has been asked to remove content that users share on Channels. As a justification for this, the presence of personal data in these shares was shown.

Citing App Store rules, Apple reported that the data should be deleted appropriately. Telegram CEO Durov said Apple must face its responsibilities. Telegram will not back down on this issue, and if it does not, it is already curious how Apple will impose sanctions.

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