Trickbot software network crashed

The Trickbot software network has been smashed ahead of the upcoming presidential election in the US. A major security issue was overcome by the collapse of the Trickbot.

Action taken for Trickbot software network
Malware installed on users ‘ computers in recent years is causing serious security problems. Many illegal transactions, from obtaining personal data to emptying bank accounts, are carried out with this malware.

As the presidential election approaches in the United States, there are new developments related to malware. The U.S. government has been after a software network called Trickbot for some time. A group of firms such as ESET and Symantec took swift action after the court granted the permits. The Trickbot bot network was crashed very quickly by this group.

Blocking the IP addresses of the Trickbot network and preventing attackers from buying new servers. Microsoft also filed a copyright complaint about the software code that Trickbot distributed. Officials in the US were concerned that Russian hackers used the Trickbot network for manipulation during the election. That is why the authorities have ensured that action is taken very quickly ahead of the elections.

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